The Doctor's PDA and Smartphone Handbook


If you are looking to maximize the use of your PDA or Smartphones as a doctor, then The Doctor’s PDA & Smartphone Handbook is the best book that will provide you the specific needs in relation to Smartphones and PDA.

Handheld computers or PDA’s are small computers that you can keep in your pocket and is very convenient to hold in your palm. Smatrphones are PDA’s that will help in making and receiving calls and it is an ideal tool for doctors among the various computer devices created.

Make the Most of the Perfect Clinical Practice Guide


If you are a medical practitioner or a medical student and are looking for the perfect test that will offer you practical basics of PDAs and evidence based medicine app, then there is no better text than Evidence Based medicine for PDAs: A Guide for Practice. This product may be shipped from Sydney, NSW warehouse or from US warehouse or from our UK warehouse, depending on the availability of stock.

This is the first text that will offer medical practitioners and students the opportunity to know the inside basics of PDAs and also offers evidence based medicinal applications that you can use in order to offer cost effective and excellent care for your patients.

E-Healthcare Systems and Wireless Communications


E-Healthcare Systems and Wireless Communications: Current and Future Challenges explores the developments and challenges associated with the successful deployment of e-healthcare systems.

The book combines research efforts in different disciplines including pervasive wireless communications, wearable computing, context-awareness, sensor data fusion, artificial intelligence, neural networks, expert systems, databases, and security.

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